the desire to contain and the inevitability of rupture #3

Moving backwards and forwards simultaneously. Constellating landmarks. Describing territories. Discerning vectors which reflect futures or predict pasts. This 3 day research is a series of collaboration duets. The project is entering its 3rd phase which uses artistic methods developed through conversation as navigational instruments that we don’t (yet) know how to use. During the course of this process the score of a past 9 hour conversation is extended over 3 days (9 hours per day) so that each hour of the previous conversation becomes 3 hours long. During each 3 hour time frame a new duet will collaborate on two tasks:

1) To describe a territory defined by three conversation landmarks
2) To discern a vector which emerges out of this territory, pointing out

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Collaborators include Camilla Graff Junior, Janine Eisenächer, Adriana Disman, Jon Konkol, No Collective (you nakai, et al.), Lindsey Drury, Jöel Verwimp, Jörn J. Burmester and Johanna Gilje. The duets are a method of sharing performance practice as a research, filtering information through multiple structures, or bodily forms.

At grüntaler9 – a space towards the performative:

May 26, 12-9pm
May 27, 12-9pm
May 28, 12-9pm