the desire to contain and the inevitability of rupture

“This process looks very much like the maps that are drawn of it: arcs and angles cutting through grids, concentric circles moving in and out simultaneously, precarious structures collapsing in and transforming into different shapes. The attempt to map the structures which inhabit a body continues to spiral outwards. This book is both an artifact of movement through a community and something far away from that. It is a gestural sketch of a landscape before it forms into something different, a flailing attempt to navigate shifting terrain.”


the desire to contain and the inevitability of rupture is an investigation of creative process across disciplines with particular attention to the materials, practices, and methodologies used by artists to generate and record their work. The pages contain maps of interviews with seventeen practitioners of creative practices—including visual artists, performers, writers, and theorists asking:

What do you consider to be the materials that you engage with? What is a task or ritual that you perform repeatedly? What systems, structures or methodologies do you use? How do you experience resistance?

The book includes interviews with Ginsy Stone, Christoper Claiborne Salveter, Nathaliel t Wolfkirk, Clel Howard, Kathleen Eamon, Tath Haver, Anders Rodin, Ben Michaelis, Taylor Dow, Celi Tamayo-Lee, Miranda Mellis, Jehrin Alexandria, Scot Nichols, Alice Wynne, Ben Kapp, Amjad Faur and Evan Blackwell. 

Published by the Evergreen State College Press, February 2016

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