the desire to contain and the inevitability of rupture #2

grüntaler9 – a space towards the performative

project späce festival berlin 2016

12-9pm August 19th, 2016


Together we track shifts in social weather systems. Together we craft tools and devises that we don’t yet know how to use. Launching an attempt to navigate shared thought space, this research endeavors to chart weather patterns of an ethos: devising systems, structures and methods of measurement, which inevitably shift with the weight of their contents.

This book launch and performative research project uses past conversations as navigational instruments, as a system of measurement, as points of departure into further territories of thought. The nine hour conversation is between Johanna Gilje and six invited guests who are each engaged in the score for three hours. The conversationalists include Ilya Noé, Maria Francesca Scaroni, Raegan Truax, Anja Ibsch, Teena Lange, and Stephanie Maher.

In cooperation with The Evergreen State College Press and Ponderosa Movement & Discovery

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