as if / it were

Obsidian, Olympia, WA February 2016

Alice WynneArrington de Dionyso & Shannon Hall, China Star, David Scherer Water, Kaia Gilje, Kanako Pooknyw, Kyle Rollins, Mickey MouthNina FortierReid UrbanRosemary NicheliniTaylor Dow & Alexandria Vickery

photography by Rosemary Nichelini (below)IMG_1142


As if marks a space that does not
or does not quite
might not exist
quite yet

As if is a blueprint for what might be
if we were to (have)
if we were to (have)
pretend(ed) as if
(it were)

As if this were (_______)
As if we were (_________)
As if there were (_____________)

things we (___)


coverage by Your Daily Hour with Me